Local Arrangements Table for 2008 Leadership Summit

For those of you attending the 2008 Leadership Summit, you may be delighted to learn that it will be in Louisville, KY.  Kentucky is of course the home of bourbon, bats, and great basketball, among other things. I didn’t even mention horses!  Want to learn more about the greater Louisville area?

Stop by our local arrangements table in Denver:

Sunday – Tuesday: 10am – 3pm

Wednesday: 10am – Noon

21 proud Kentucky Chapter members will be in Denver (about 30% of our chapter) and on hand to answer your questions and perhaps coerce you into attending this fun-filled leadership event, January 23-25, 2008. At the table we’ll have more information, giveaways, a prize drawing, and of course lots of great southern hospitality. So drop by and see us in Denver!

Some of you are probably wondering—we haven’t even visited beautiful Denver yet and already you are talking about the next meeting.  We are really looking forward to Denver of course, but we want you to start thinking about January as well.

Never been to a Leadership Summit? It’s a great opportunity to see how the association works, to actively participate in smaller meetings, to network even more easily with association leadership. As far as a direct work-related benefit, I’ve found the content in years past to be useful in multiple areas. One year I learned about writing SMART goals, which was invaluable for our new performance evaluation system. Another year I got some very helpful tips for dealing with challenging personalities. One highlight from this year was that we heard Chip Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, and I even got an autographed copy of his book.

The content is usually excellent, and we know the 2008 location is awesome, so consider joining us in Louisville.  Or at least stop by our table in Denver for a Kentucky welcome.  See ya’ll in Denver!

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