Love SLA? Tell SLA!

Over the past several years, we’ve received kind words from many of our volunteers and members. We’re looking for more to add to our future communications.

What easier way is there to provide them than right here on the SLA Blog?

For anyone considering joining a community, testimonials by peers are the most resounding form of persuasion. Information professionals considering joining our community—whether it’s as a member, an Annual Conference first-timer, a networker at a local chapter function, or student at a Click-U Webinar—will make the most informed decision by hearing from involved members of SLA.

-Has SLA’s Annual Conference had a positive impact on your career? In what way?
-Did you find your job with the help of an SLA colleague?
-How has a Click University program enhanced your job search and/or performance?
-Did a visit to SLA’s INFO-EXPO hall result in you being armed with the tools that currently support your work?
-Has regular volunteer involvement provided you with new skills which enhance your career?
-How has membership in SLA been fun, invigorating and energizing?

Answers to all these questions will fit the bill, but don’t hesitate to tell us about your personal SLA experience. And, if it’s something you think we should improve upon, we’ll receive that feedback with appreciation as well.

Commenting on this post isn’t the only form of participating. We’re re-launching MySLA: The Podcast and would love to feature your SLA story there. You can also contact me to provide feedback directly.


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2 responses to “Love SLA? Tell SLA!”

  1. Tara Murray says:

    I wrote a post called “How SLA helped me land my dream job” for my division’s blog last month. You are welcome to use anything from that post.

  2. John Walsh says:

    Thanks Tara. Great post — will definitely use it in some way and we’ll let you know where it appears!

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