Mary Ellen Bates – Candidate for Division Cabinet Chair-Elect – Question #2

One of the key points that has driven the Alignment Project
is that we info pros have to use language that the marketplace understands. And
we have to make the marketplace—that is, those who employ SLA members—aware of
the strategic value of information and the ROI for hiring info pros.


What I found most interesting in the findings were the discrepancies
between what the C-suite values and what value we think we provide. Across the
board, our users and clients identify higher-value, more strategic aspects of
our service as our key value, whereas we tend to define ourselves by the tasks
that are required. Upper management already appreciates the importance of good
information, and the difficulty in finding it. Our job is to get them to see
that we are the missing link between information and actionable intelligence.


Now, what we info pros need is courage—to offer insight and to
spot trends for our clients, to add analysis to what we provide. And, more
importantly, in order to be seen as strategic players, we have to move beyond
our traditional skills and add even more value and insight to our information products.


This applies to SLA as an association as well. SLA must
tangibly show its value to its clients – us. That means continuing to explore
new ways to build the professional connections and network that we, and upper
management, value so highly. The other aspect of our association that we depend
on is its ability to advocate for us and to give us the tools to advocate
within our organizations. Studies such as the Alignment Project are critical to
members, and SLA must continue to provide ways for members to demonstrate the
competitive advantage we offer our organizations.

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  1. Dennie says:

    Spot on. I hope SLA members can stimulate each other to be more courageous and be clear about what they can do. Let’s learn from our peers in f.i. finance and IT who are seen as strategic partners to management.

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