New for 2017: SLA Member Insights Series

dee_squareWelcome to a new year with SLA! I am honored to be this year’s president, and excited for the year ahead. I strongly believe in an association and a board that listens to, engages with, and serves its members. My theme this year is “Experience SLA for Career Success.” We experience SLA through networking, learning, becoming involved with our chapters, divisions, caucuses, and other units; through writing, speaking, mentoring, and coaching; and in so many other ways.

Our experiences help shape us as information professionals, and this leads to our career success. Through my twenty-five years of SLA involvement, I’ve grown as a leader, sharpened my speaking skills, learned to run meetings, and built a network of incredible friends and colleagues. I’ve been mentored and I’ve mentored others. One of my earliest experiences with SLA happened after I graduated from library school in upstate New York, and moved with my family to Rhode Island. I reached out to the employment chair of the SLA Rhode Island Chapter. I not only received help and advice, but I became the chapter’s next president-elect. The power of saying “yes” is an invaluable SLA lesson.

What would you like to gain from and contribute to SLA this year? I’ll be reaching out to different constituencies of our membership throughout the year with questions that are both professional and fun. I’ll create blog posts with the results, and we’ll spend the year celebrating accomplishments, sharing stories, and exchanging ideas. I’ll kick this “Member Insights Series” off this month with thoughts from the 2017 SLA Board of Directors. Stay tuned, stay engaged, and let’s work together to make 2017 an outstanding year for SLA.

—Dee Magnoni, 2017 SLA President

Read the posts from the series—featuring insights from …

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