New Webpage Serves as Portal to Board Information

Finding information about the SLA Board of Directors is now easier than ever, thanks to the launch of a page that serves as a portal to key initiatives, actions and decisions.

As announced earlier today in a message to all SLA members, a new page has been created on that collates links to information about the 2015-2016 strategic priorities, the sale of the headquarters building, and other initiatives. This page will serve as the primary resource for facts and documentation related to board activities. New information will be shared on the page after board meetings and as it becomes available.

The impetus for creating the page was the SLA 2015 Leadership Summit, at which the board promised to explore ways to better share information with members about important board activities and decisions. Agendas, board documents and minutes of open session meetings dating back to 2011 are available to members on the “Meeting Information” page, as is information about registering to attend monthly board conference calls using the GoToWebinar platform.

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