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This guest SLA Blog post is by Raechel Clark-Welch and Maura Barnes, national recruiters for TRAK Records & Library. TRAK is SLA’s exclusive Career Services Partner and the sponsor of the upcoming Career Connections workshops at the SLA 2013 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO. Be sure to check in with them at booth 816 in the INFO-EXPO.

Looking for a job these days is a lot like online dating with the ways you can look people up before you meet them, so make sure your online presence is portraying you correctly! Today, as many as 93% of employers and recruiters use social networks to find candidates.

If you’ve seen the popular show on MTV called Catfish you know that when you put false information on the internet and draw someone in with those details the effect is never positive when they find out the truth! Same for an employer, when your LinkedIn profile does not match your resume it could end in you not getting the job.

So keeping in mind how you want to present yourself online, so you can land that dream job, here are some quick tips and ideas:


  1. First of all –  connect with people! The more people you      know the more people that are in your network!
  2. Use a professional photo. First      impressions do matter! Optimal photos use professional attire and if the      only photo of you that you like is in a group photo try to crop the photo      so you are the only one visible.
  3. Make sure that your profile is      visible, up-to-date, and descriptive of your professional accomplishments.

Remember: Key words are helpful just as they are when you post your resume on Monster or other job websites as employers often use the advanced search function to search titles and/or skills.

  1. Keep information on your profile consistent with your resume. Since you all have updated your resume now is a good time to create or update your LinkedIn profile!  Since most employers will look you up before meeting in person differences will be noticed and most likely discussed.
  2. Join LinkedIn Groups (like DEAL!) and add to the conversation! It can be as simple as introducing yourself to the group or asking for help.  Go for it, reach out! It is a great way to network.
  3. Keep personal information OFF of  LinkedIn. This is not the site to share upcoming travel plans or information on the great restaurant you just went to with friends.  Also, refrain from publicizing information about interviews you have participated in as many employers      prefer to keep this information private.
  4. Keep posts positive! Searching for a job is often a job in itself and often times frustrating. Don’t leave a digital footprint badmouthing a company or hiring manager.  If will only reflect poorly on you and remain out there for access by other prospective employers in the future

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram:

  1. Keep your personal profile PRIVATE OR LOCKED! Let only your friends and family can see your updates.
  2. Consider making two profiles if you use these social networking sites for other professional purposes. One profile can be personal and private while another that is professional to reflect information you want available more broadly.
  3. Because Twitter can be linked to Facebook or LinkedIn. Follow organizations or networking groups to join the conversation this way as well!
  4. Similar to LinkedIn, keep your content positive and do NOT post about interviews.

REMEMBER: Even if your profile is set to private most people can see your profile and cover photo so make sure those are pictures you would feel comfortable an employer seeing.


Did you know you can actually pin your resume?

  1. Pinterest is a visual medium so make sure if you do post you resume that the formatting looks good and that there are NO grammatical errors. Also, it is not necessary to pin your full resume but perhaps key professional affiliations, awards, or presentations on a career board with descriptive text would be more helpful.
  2. See if your friends will repost your resume this way search companies with Pinterest profiles may elect to follow your networks pins.
  3. Search it for career advice. On this site you will have access to tons of ideas on professional dress, thank you notes, resume formatting ideas and more!

REMEMBER:  Pinterest boards are public (for the most part) so keep your pins clean and professional!


Librarians LOVE to Blog! A blog that is related to your career interests is a good place to highlight your expertise in a field.

  1. Keep content relevant, well written, and professional (for sure keep it free of foul language and personal attacks).
  2. Be thoughtful when providing comments on other’s blogs as these comments can be located easily via a web search. Although you have every right to post your feelings and personal beliefs remember people (including prospective employers) will see them too. Online impressions matter too so it is best to review what you posted in the past and clean it up before you start applying to jobs.

MLA DEAL Career Challenge:

Remember online presence matters! During the interview process you’re looking up a company online to get a better idea of whether you could see yourself working with them, just know that they are doing the same thing with you!  At all times, keep your online information professional and pause before you post to consider if you will regret this post at some time in the future!

  1. Take the time now to identify all of your online presence outlets.
  2. Consider the standards discussed for each online medium and identify 1-3 action steps you can take to up your online professional game.
  3. Get it done in the next week!
  4. Join the DEAL Discussion on LinkedIN and let us know what you are doing to cultivate your professional online presence!

Raechel and Maura (both National Recruiters) of TRAK Records and Library!  Both are located in TRAK’s Washington, DC office but recruit across the country. 

TRAK Records and Library offers information management consultation and assessment, customized recruitment and interview approaches, and exceptional client service.  We can be reached by dialing (202) 261-7200 and asking for one of us.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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