Candidate for 2020 Division Cabinet Chair-Elect: Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder is the Corporate Librarian and Archivist for Shure Incorporated, a global audio company that is all about delivering immersive and inspirational sound experiences. Since 2008, she has worked […] Read More »

Candidate for 2020 Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect: Eryn Campbell

Eryn Campbell is a Research Librarian at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. A graduate of Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management, she previously worked as a […] Read More »

Candidate for 2020 Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect: Elaine Lasda

Elaine M. Lasda is the Subject Librarian for Social Welfare and Research Impact at the University at Albany, SUNY. In 2015, she received her master’s level Certificate of Advanced Study […] Read More »

Candidate for 2020 President-Elect: Catherine Lavallée-Welch

Catherine has worked as an information professional and a librarian in Canada, Europe, and the United States and joined SLA in 2000 while at the University of Louisville. She has […] Read More »

Candidate for 2020 President-Elect: Kevin Adams

Kevin became a member of SLA in 1996 and is currently President-Elect of the Australia/New Zealand chapter. The first chapter he joined was Hawaii Pacific and was a member of […] Read More »

SLA 2018 Recap | Practice Leadership and Serve Your Public!

    Energy and insights abounded as more than 1,800 information professionals answered the call to “Bmore” and gathered in Baltimore for the SLA 2018 Annual Conference and SLA’s Pharmaceutical […] Read More »

Posters Explore TinkerSpaces, Mapping, and More

Do college undergraduates have the research skills their professors expect them to have? What can libraries do to improve not just the academic health of students, but also their mental […] Read More »

Candidate for 2019-2021 Treasurer: Bill Noorlander

Willem (Bill) Noorlander is a Partner at BST America, an Information and Market Data Consulting firm, located in New York City, where he is responsible for the firm’s global Market […] Read More »

Candidate for 2019-2021 Treasurer: Heather Kotula

Heather Kotula is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Access Innovations, Inc., a private corporation providing taxonomy and semantics services to publishers, government agencies, and enterprise clients. An […] Read More »

Candidate for 2019 Division Cabinet Chair-Elect: Tiffany Lopez

Tiffany Lopez is the Director of Library and Research Services at Smith Anderson, LLP. Upon joining SLA in 2008, she was elected President of her school’s chapter, and her dedication,and […] Read More »

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