Papers, Posters Reflect Wide Range of Research Interests

What skills do librarians need to learn to effectively turn information into intelligence and help their organizations anticipate and benefit from change?

How can librarians better differentiate their services from those provided by Google and other web-based service providers?

Does membership in a professional association have a measurable impact on a librarian’s career?

How can librarians contribute to the success of process improvement initiatives within organizations?

These and other questions will be addressed over the next few days in a series of paper and poster presentations at the SLA 2017 Annual Conference in Phoenix. The poster and paper presentations have long been popular with conference attendees, thanks to the variety of issues they address—information literacy, bibliometrics, emerging research or entrepreneurial opportunities, hackfests, embedded librarianship, and networking, to name just a few—and the informal nature of the presentation sessions. Attendees are encouraged to meet with and ask questions of the presenters, making the sessions ideal for building new professional relationships.

Following are some of the papers and posters that are being presented at SLA 2017:


  • From Information to Intelligence: A Case in Point
  • Identifying Partnerships for Career Success: Academic Collaborations between Librarians and Career Centers
  • Marketing of Library Services: Partnerships, Programs and Relationships
  • Remote Usability Testing: A Powerful Tool to Understand Your Users
  • Understanding Dynamic Corporate Structure: Strategies for Mapping Business Entities


  • Citations to Chemical Resources in Scholarly Articles: CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, The Merck Index, and SciFinder
  • Information Literacy Skills in Engineering Learners: What and How Do We Teach?
  • Innovation, Patents and Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Workshops
  • The Process Improvement Office and the Library: A Valuable Collaboration
  • Using Bibliometric Data and Analysis Tools to Identify Emerging Research Opportunities

To read papers that have been presented at previous SLA Annual Conferences, visit the Research page on this site.

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