Participate in the SLA-Financial Times Study to Improve Professional Value

A common challenge information professionals face is measurement of sucess, value, or impact.
There aren’t an agreed upon set of metrics which we all can rely on to tangibly measure value or impact, but the success of the decisions we enable is often quite telling.

SLA, in partnership with Financial Times, is aiming to provide examples and insight on how information professionals can boost value, as well as methods to measure that growing value.  To accomplish this task, we’d like your participation.

The results of the study will be compiled in an in-depth report made available to SLA members, as well as discussed by an expert panel at the SLA 2013 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO.

Please take 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Why participate?

  • the more thoughtful and complete participation we receive, the more helpful the results will be to your industry
  • the study, and the results, will be made available to Financial Times readers, thus highlighting the information profession in front of an important and possibly unfamiliar audience. Let’s show them our best!
  • Participants will be entered into a drawing for £250 (approx US $380) voucher

Further, because the project seeks the input of those who rely on the services of information professionals, please pass the study on to your stakeholders and colleagues:

By gathering data from both information professionals and non-information professionals, we’ll be able to provide actionable ideas on how to enhance collaboration by focusing on any key differences in perception.

Questions about the study? Contact SLA and we’ll be happy to help.

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