Transformative and Integrated Request Management: Can Your ILS Deliver?

Is your integrated library system (ILS) truly integrated? The answer is “yes” if it offers request management capabilities that transform and optimize special librarians’ core research competence.

Learn how you can transform your request management workflow into a powerful capability (and resulting database) that makes you integral to your organization’s success. SLA industry partner Lucidea will present a webinar titled “Transformative and Integrated Request Management: Can Your ILS Deliver?” on Feb. 26 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. This Partner Talk is free to SLA members and non-members alike.

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Date and Time

Tuesday, February 26
2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern time


The perfect ILS offers flexibility and customization options required to fulfill (and exceed) end user expectations, enable innovation, and simplify integration with your existing systems and workflow. During this webinar, you’ll be taken through use cases with practical advice on the important and powerful ways that reference and research request tracking enable you to—

  • Fully leverage your organization’s investment in all types of content, no matter the source;
  • Educate senior management and prove that library and knowledge management services, expertise, and products are valuable; and
  • Deliver full access to information assets (including expertise) efficiently and effectively.


Phil Wensley has been with Lucidea for more than 20 years and works primarily with new and existing clients to help them achieve their information management and project goals. Phil also works closely with Lucidea’s R&D team and marketing department to help shape the future of their ILS and KM products as they continually align with technology innovations as well as with clients’ library and knowledge management road maps.

Jeremiah Saunders is a consultant librarian who has been with Lucidea for more than 10 years. He has implemented ILS solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and major government agencies around the world, and uses what he learns along the way to help Lucidea’s R&D staff design purpose-built software for special libraries. He provides training to clients, delivers sales support demonstrations to prospective clients, and structures and presents educational webinars to further Lucidea’s commitment to assisting special librarians with professional development.

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