Join the Conference Conversation: Motivated to Lead

Do you see yourself as a leader?

We’re not referring to titles, such as president, executive director, or CEO. We’re talking about attributes: Influence. Confidence. Capacity.

To gauge your affinity for leadership, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know how your job affects other people?
  • Do you continually aspire to do job-related tasks and processes better and more effectively?
  • How do you adjust to change?
  • Do you practice integrity in your job?
  • How do you handle your inevitable mistakes and weaknesses?

These and similar questions will form the basis for a conversation on leadership and motivation before, during, and beyond SLA 2016. We encourage all SLA 2016 attendees to join this conversation, which will take place through various channels, including social media platforms, online forums, and onsite networking events (see below the list of questions distributed thus far).

In addition, our opening and closing keynote speakers, Erika Andersen and Marilyn Johnson, will add their voices to the conversation by sharing their ideas and expertise on leadership during their presentations. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in live Twitter Chats with Erika on Monday, June 6th from 2 – 2:30p (ET), and with Marilyn on Tuesday, June 7th from 12 – 12:30p (ET). We’ll also be hosting meet-and-greets with book signings around each keynote’s presentation:

  • Erika Anderson: Sunday, June 12th from 11:30a – 12:15p in the INFO-EXPO,
    Booth 134
  • Marilyn Johnson: Tuesday, June 14th from 1 – 1:45p in the INFO-EXPO, Booth 134
    • **BONUS Book Signing Tuesday, June 14th from 5 – 5:15p in the Ballroom B Foyer

Make the most of SLA 2016 and join the conversation. To participate, connect with SLA on these channels:

Additionally, make sure you’re subscribed to our e-mail list and the SLA 2016 Conference Attendees community on SLA Connect (launching soon).

Join the conversation—we look forward to hearing your voice!

Q1: What does leadership look like in your mind – i.e. what traits, roles, skills, situations, etc. are required to be a leader?

Q2: Do you think of yourself as a leader? If not, do you want to be one, and what would that look like?

Q3: In what ways do you see your role as an information professional as being influential?

Q4: What’s one thing you want to do in your job that hasn’t been done? What seems to be—or is—the roadblock to its completion?

Q5: What are the things that typically motivate you or pique your curiosity?

Q6: In your role, do you know what your weaknesses are? If so, how do you respond to them when they affect your effectiveness?

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