Posters Explore TinkerSpaces, Mapping, and More

Do college undergraduates have the research skills their professors expect them to have? What can libraries do to improve not just the academic health of students, but also their mental health? What are the benefits—and barriers—to implementing a full-scale bibliometric service in a special library? How can libraries use virtual reality programs to attract and engage more users?

SLA members explored these and other questions at two poster sessions at the SLA 2018 Annual Conference in Baltimore. One session was hosted jointly by the Social Sciences & Humanities Division and the Academic Division; the other was hosted by the Science-Technology Division.

The poster sessions allow presenters to share the results of their research and initiatives and answer questions from attendees. Some of the presenters will be invited to write summaries of their posters for publication in Information Outlook, SLA’s magazine.

The posters are available online at the following links:

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