Putting the DIY in CI

The phrase “do it yourself” may conjure up bad memories of high school home economics or shop classes, but in recent years DIY culture has made a comeback thanks in part to the arts (think indie rock music, pirate radio stations, and self-published books) and especially the so-called “maker movement,” with its hackfests and 3-D printing technology. John McGonagle, a competitive intelligence expert and the author of nine books about CI, thinks the DIY approach can be adapted to competitive intelligence as well—and that information professionals are just the people to do it.


On Saturday, June 11, McGonagle will lead a continuing education session at the SLA 2016 Annual Conference titled “Do-It-Yourself CI: Sources, Strategies and Techniques.” He will take a critical look at important data sources, share tips on analyzing data, discuss how to manage outsourcing, and teach attendees how to figure out what they really need to know and when they need to know it. Attendees will participate in exercises to help hone the skills they learn.

“Whether they know it or not, your clients—internal or external—are already incorporating CI into their decision making, whether for marketing, strategy, HR management, new business development, or sales,” he says. “You need to be ready to support them in all of these activities by incorporating CI into what you do for them.”

To learn more about the session, click here. To register for SLA 2016, click here.

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