Real Talk from Real Taxonomists

So, you’re shopping for a taxonomy management system. You want to get some feedback from real customers. You want to know what systems they’ve implemented, what types of features and options they needed, and what kinds of customer experiences they’ve had. You have hard questions, and you want real answers.

If this sounds like you, there’s probably one question you want answered before all others: Where can I get this kind of feedback? The answer: At the SLA 2016 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Philadelphia.

Specifically, you want to attend the Taxonomy Café continuing education course on Saturday, June 11. In the morning session, several info pros will give 15-minute overviews of their work using taxonomies. They’ll discuss how and why their organization decided to implement a taxonomy, their approach to implementation, the lessons they learned, and the current status of their taxonomy project. After the overviews, the presenters will be available for small group discussions with attendees, who will move around to the speaker tables to interact directly with them.

After lunch, representatives from several technology and standards groups will present short overviews of their products. They’ll discuss the technology options that are available and identify which ones would be best to implement in certain situations. Afterward, the presenters will be available to speak directly with attendees to provide a deeper understanding of the concepts and options available from each.

So, bring your questions—especially the tough ones!—to the Taxonomy Café and get real answers. Register for SLA 2016 now!

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