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A post in our series from members you’ll get to meet in Vancouver at SLA 2014.  Read the other posts here.

My name is Rachel Korman and I am a very, very recent MLIS graduate of Drexel University’s Library and Information Science program. I received the Knower Award to attend the SLA 2014 Annual Conference in Vancouver, sponsored by the Philadelphia Chapter of SLA, and I could not be more excited!

Rachel KormanI began my MLIS wanting to work in a public library, but through my diverse classes and my time as the treasurer and event planner of the Drexel University Special Libraries Association (DUSLA), I am now more open and knowledgeable as to the work environments available for librarians. It’s time to decide what environment is best for me, and what will be my next career move!

One of the many reasons I’m attending the SLA annual conference is that it will provide new ideas and perspectives about the field of librarianship that I would not be exposed to otherwise. My conference experience is minimal–I have only attended the 2013 Urban Librarians’ Conference in Brooklyn, New York, and the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. Attending both conferences truly reinforced my decision to become a librarian. I believe that the SLA conference will evoke this feeling, and more. Ultimately, I think the conference will help me get more clarity in  regard to my role as a professional librarian, find guidance for my career path, and meet professionals who share the same passion for librarianship as I do. From my experience, conferences are invaluable to orienting yourself in the field, connecting with future friends and employers, and exploring new ideas to bring back with you. I know the SLA conference will deliver in all of these departments.

Although the number of amazing programs offered at SLA is slightly overwhelming, I have come up with a tight schedule of what I’d like to attend. The three sessions that I’m most looking forward to are “Library Outreach and the Italian Beef Sandwich” (6/8, 11:45 a.m.), “Data for Dinner: Data Mining from Farm to Table” (6/9, 10:00 a.m.), and “State Government Information and the Copyright Conundrum” (6/9, 4:00 p.m.). These sessions appeal to my personal and professional interests and sound both interesting and entertaining.

I’m really looking forward to my time in Vancouver, and never thought I’d be able to attend this conference. A huge thanks to the Philadelphia Chapter of SLA for making this a reality!

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