Risk Taking + Responsiveness = Revolutionary Learning

When you hear the words innovative, forward-thinking and responsive, do you think of your library or information center? If not, you’ll want to hear what Leslie Reynolds and Stacey Greenwell have to say in their Master Class presentation, “Revolutionary Learning Organizations: Core Values, Best Practices, New Horizons,” at the SLA 2015 Annual Conference in Boston.


Master Class sessions, which are new this year, will cover advanced topics geared toward management- and executive-level professionals. In “Revolutionary Learning Organizations,” one of 10 Master Class presentations scheduled at SLA 2015, Stacey and Leslie will explore the characteristics of organizations that support innovative learning and knowledge creation. Drawing on their extensive experience and research, they’ll discuss risk taking and other core values of learning organizations, highlight best practices, and identify future directions and issues.


“Too often in academic libraries, we rely on committees to plan new or expanded services,” Stacey says. “These committees often get bogged down with minor details or the way we’ve always done things, and they end up spinning their wheels instead of moving forward. In interviews with innovative academic library leaders, a common thread emerged—we need to think like start-ups do. These library leaders recommend launching a service first, then re-tooling as you go along. Assessment? That’s something we all have to do, but successful leaders often focus on assessment planning AFTER launching the service.”

To hear more of what Leslie and Stacey have to say about revolutionary learning organizations, register for SLA 2015!

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