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The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is the nonprofit, global organization for innovative information professionals who provide research, information and knowledge management, decision intelligence, data and other services to support key stakeholders in corporate, government, academic, association, and other “specialized” settings. SLA promotes and strengthens its members through learning, leadership, advocacy, and networking initiatives. 

Order Your Salary Survey

A Salary Survey with an updated average salary breakdown, job responsibilities, and other relevant details for information professionals is available for you. This comprehensive report will serve as a useful tool for employees and employers in the information profession with the latest data on salaries and employment trends throughout the industry. Below is the pricing breakdown. Note: The SLA 2019 Salary Survey is only available in PDF format.

Comprehensive Report- U.S. and Canada

Member: $99.00
Non-member: $199.00

** By purchasing the Network PDF version, you have obtained the right to download and provide electronic access within your organization within the normal copyright law provisions.

“By compiling and analyzing real data, the SLA Salary Survey makes the invisible, visible. It empowers librarians and information professionals to understand how they compare to their colleagues and to advocate for fair pay and benefits.”   -Meryl Brodsky, SLA Member 

Please email  Mike Rosenberg if you have any questions.

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