SLA Launches New Learning Initiative

Beginning next week, SLA members will receive a steady stream of content on timely topics courtesy of a new learning program designed to inform, empower and enhance the careers of special librarians and information professionals.

The SLA Learning Initiative Partnership (L.I.P.) will promote active conversations within the information community, engaging everyone from those just starting their careers to seasoned professionals and executive-level industry experts. From Webinars and whitepapers to resource guides and expert interviews, the partnership will provide information professionals with opportunities to gain insights, build professional networks, and refine and master skills while staying current on new developments, techniques, resources and tools that will foster and boost professional excellence.

SLA is launching the program by partnering with the Institution of Engineering and Technology to develop resources in the science, technology, engineering and math sectors. Each month, the L.I.P. will offer insights, knowledge and resources to engage SLA members in an ongoing conversation around topics relevant to the STEM fields. We hope to partner with content providers that serve other sectors within SLA to enhance the program and improve the SLA member experience.

The L.I.P. will launch on April 13 with a whitepaper that will focus on workflows. We encourage our members to not only read the paper but also actively engage in conversations through social media and the SLA discussion lists. A follow-up resource on a different topic will be released April 27, and additional materials will be made available on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month for the next year.

The program will also seek out SLA members who are experts on various topics within the STEM sectors to help improve the quality of the content that will be made available. More information on this initiative will be released shortly. If you’d like to be considered for this opportunity, please contact Everett Woods at

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