SLA World Football Caucus Formed

The SLA Board approved the creation of the World Football Caucus at its May meeting.

Are you interested in this global sport? SLA Football CaucusConsider expanding your SLA membership by joining the caucus for an additional $12 per year.

Many members of SLA have already developed working relationships and friendly rivalries based on their love of the game.

The Caucus will provide a more organized platform for members to discuss major tournaments, the history of the game, and which clubs they pull for throughout the year.

So if you’re a Blue or a Red, a Timber or a Red Bull, or just like vuvuzelas, join in. Kendra Levine will be the first convener of the caucus.

Follow their twitter handle, the point at which information professionals and the world’s most popular sport collide.

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5 responses to “SLA World Football Caucus Formed”

  1. Will there be a web site soon?

  2. Yes! It’s in the works.

  3. 1527 says:

    Is there a convener yet for it?

  4. Kendra K. Levine says:

    The website is live! Member profiles, match reports, and soon to be a book club:

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