#SLAtalk: Building on Lessons Learned at #SLA2013

The ideas and information shared at the SLA 2013 conference in San Diego are worth acting upon – quickly.

If you weren’t in San Diego, we don’t want you to miss out on this crucial knowledge.

Our twitter chat on Tuesday, June 18th will be a great time to refresh what you learned and discuss how you will put it to work–as well as hear what you missed at the sessions you wanted to attend but just didn’t have time for.



Tuesday, June 18th, 17:30 UTC (1:30 PM eastern / 10:30 AM pacific)*

*Our 2nd (evening) session is on hold due to lack of interest

Questions to answer:

1. Share the most inspiring, actionable ideas you heard while at the conference – as many as you can think of in 15 minutes.

first 20 minutes

2. What are some new things you plan to incorporate into your career strategies or at your organization? How will you convince your colleagues the new ideas are worth the time?

-second 20 minutes

3. What topics would you like to see in future SLA conferences?

-last 20 minutes

In the spirit of organization:

Tweet your answers according to the schedule above. Answer question one from 1:30 – 1:50 and so on.

New here?

Check out our latest #SLAtalk posts, including how to #SLAtalk, and the YouTube video: The Why and How of #SLAtalk.

Following the session:

Stay tuned to the SLA Blog where we’ll post a collection of great answers, as well as the link to all the tweets from the session. Notice your tweet being favorited from @SLAhq? You’ll probably be featured in our round-up.

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One response to “#SLAtalk: Building on Lessons Learned at #SLA2013”

  1. DON RICKTER says:

    We need more discussions of:
    1. Complex copyright laws
    2. Roles of retired members
    3. Finding better search engines
    4. Enhancing the perceived value of
    information professionals in corporations
    and other organizations
    5. Teaching the public that stereotypical librarians
    have been obsolete for a long time.

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