#SLAtalk: Q & A with 2014 President-Elect Candidates

A special installment of #SLAtalk this Tuesday, August 27th at 1:30 pm EDT will feature our two candidates for 2014 President-Elect, Leslie Reynolds & Jill Strand.

To stay organized during this Q & A, we will follow the same format as always (4 topics, 15-minutes each, addressed in the order below).

The topics will be drawn from SLA’s 2012-2014 Strategic Agenda set forth by the Board of Directors. Feel free to ask the candidates SLA-related questions that fall within these categories, or just sit back and learn what the candidates have to say about each topic.

Topics for Discussion (15 minutes each):

  1. Professional Development – potential questions: What new topics would you like to see addressed by SLA’s Click University or at SLA Annual Conferences? What is the future of continuing education as it relates to the information profession?
  2. SLA Annual Conference – potential questions: What new elements will be incorporated if you are elected, and what will be re-thought? How do you see the format changing? What does the SLA Annual Conference look like in 10 years?
  3. Creating Richer Volunteer Experiences  – Presenting at a conference, writing for a unit Website, and becoming a vendor relations chair arms information professionals with new skills that are useful in their jobs. Potential questions: What volunteer roles would you focus on as arming participants with in-demand skills that are useful in their career? How would you engage more members in SLA through volunteering?
  4. International Growth and Collaboration – potential questions: How can we better engage our international members? In what ways would you improve the annual conference to include more of a worldly feel?

Prepare with some light reading:

Learn what all the Board Candidates think about these and other important topics by reading the Board Candidate Blog post series.

Read the full 2012 – 2014 Strategic Agenda to come up with other question-ideas.

New here?

Check out How to #SLAtalk and the latest #SLAtalk Roundups.

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