#SLAtalk on July 16: Taking a Vacation that Works

A vacation, especially to the right place (see question 4), can be a refreshing break from the daily grind.

But nothing can dull the shine from a vacation like returning to an overflowing inbox, a project that’s lagging behind, or a general build-up of stress at work or at home.

For this summer-edition of #SLAtalk, let’s discuss how to take a vacation that recharges your batteries without turning you into a firefighter when you return.

 Questions to Answer (15 minutes per question):

  1. What do you do at work to prepare for your absence before a vacation?
  2. When on vacation, do you unplug completely or stay connected to the office or your clients?
  3. When you return, how do you get through the work that has built up while you were away?
  4. What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to?


2 choices on Tuesday, July 16:

  1. Session #1 at 17:30 UTC (1:30 PM eastern / 10:30 AM pacific)
  2. Session #2 at 12:00 midnight UTC (7:00 PM eastern / 4:00 PM pacific)

Prepare with some light reading:

Check out “How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation From Your Stressful Job” by Jacquelyn Smith for Forbes.

New to #SLAtalk?

Check out How to #SLAtalk, the Why and How of #SLAtalk (YouTube), and our latest #SLAtalk recap posts.

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