Strategic Planning: Taking a Team Approach

Being a team leader requires stepping up, but it also means knowing when to step aside.

That’s one of the key messages in Bill Sedgwick and Esther Ewing’s article, “Information Teams and Strategic Planning,” in Information Outlook. The two are consultants who work with teams to help them plan and implement strategies and projects, and they believe that strong teams are critical to the success of such initiatives. But they also believe that team leaders can best facilitate strategic planning by promoting engagement and inclusiveness, and this requires stepping aside to let someone else lead the planning process.

“Any exercise in strategic planning should involve the whole team; a team without a plan lacks direction,” they write. “Having a facilitator can be a good idea, but make sure that person isn’t the team leader. The leader is a member of the team and cannot effectively contribute as a member if she or he is also the facilitator.”

Sedgwick and Ewing also have planning advice for information professionals who work alone. “If you are a solo library or information center manager, don’t forget about the internal clients you serve,” they write. “If you can involve a few of them in your planning exercise, they will give you valuable advice and buy in more warmly to a plan they helped develop.”

To learn more about how teams contribute to, and benefit from, strategic planning, read the article.

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