Take Your Library to Your Users

Notwithstanding the ubiquity of information-on-demand technologies such as smartphones and tablets, some people (especially families with young children) still consider the library a destination, not just a resource. They may even integrate library visits into their schedules, designating a certain night of each week as “library night.”


Ken Klapproth believes that the rise of virtual collections, far from diminishing the value of libraries, actually presents an opportunity for librarians to expand their reach—to become, as he puts it, “more strategic and active participants in the day-to-day activities of their constituents.” The secret, according to his article in Information Outlook, is to treat your collection as a digital information reference platform, one that combines accessibility, functionality, and interactivity in such a way as to allow you to literally take your library to its users.

“Take a page from the playbook of companies such as Starbucks by making the library more than a destination,” he writes. “… More than simply a repository of information assets, [a library] should address patron needs around discoverability and interactivity.”

To read more of what Ken has to say about digital reference platforms, click here.

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