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Deb Hunt – Candidate, President-Elect
Question #
3: What is the newest “techie” gadget that you have/would like to have, and how do/would you use it to improve the work relationship that you have with your primary clientele?

I’m looking at getting a new smartphone and am awaiting the new HP Palm Smartphones which are supposed to launch this year. I like the Palm OS and the option of both physical buttons and a touchscreen is very appealing to me.

The other gadgets I’m considering are an iPod Touch and an ebook reader. I’m still weighing my options on the best choice for me. The iPod Touch has many cool apps, including an iBooks ereader, which may negate the need for me to get an ebook reader.

Depending on the smartphone I end up getting, I may or may not need the iPod Touch as there could be some redundancy in functionality. I’m still doing the research while awaiting the new HP Palm phones. 

As I work with my clients in document and enterprise content management, I encourage them to include social media in the equation, though it can sometimes be a challenge to convince them that social media can be a serious, business collaboration tool. Social media can foster innovation and knowledge sharing and engage customers and colleagues. 


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  1. Sara Tompson says:

    Since Deb’s post is at the top of the page right now, I am commenting on hers, but really this is a comment about all the candidates’ post on tech gadgets —
    I think the RANGE of wants and needs for tech gadgets in the postings is very interesting, and reflective of the wide range of our interests and finances and jobs. I didn’t really expect the answers to be as wide-ranging as they are, but I think as I said that is reflective of the membership! Sara T. SLA Board 2011-2013

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