The Art of Managing Copyright Issues in Your Enterprise

From guest blogger Lesley Ellen Harris, copyright lawyer and Certificate in Copyright Management instructor:

How do you go from being overwhelmed with copyright issues to managing copyright on a daily basis?  It isn’t easy, but you can do it!  Information professionals are often the ones taking the lead copyright management role.  Whether it’s a domestic copyright issue or an international one, the key is understanding when a copyright issue arises.

An example of a domestic copyright issue is making fifty copies of an article for an in-house seminar.  Posting a photograph on your organization’s Website would be considered an international issue. It’s important to understand the relevant copyright law, and since the application of copyright law often depends on the situation, many copyright management answers rely on your judgment.  This is all part of managing copyright and ensuring your organization operates within the law.

Of course, there’s much more to managing copyright, which could be considered an art rather than a science.  And this art may fall in the hands of an assigned or unofficial go-to-copyright-person such as the Acquisition/Serials Librarian, Library Manager, Information Specialist, Content Manager, Publisher, Editor, Corporate Researcher, Information Literacy Librarian, “Newly Minted” Librarian, Library Technician, Consultant Manager of Document Delivery Operations, Information Center Director, Archivist, Reference Librarian, Technical Librarian, Systems Librarian, Senior Vice President or Solo Librarian.  You know who you are.

All sorts of enterprises require copyright compliance and management.  Some examples: legislative libraries, government agencies, corporate information centers, non- and for-profit universities, public libraries, engineering firms, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, scholarly publishers, museums, archives, associations, law societies, research organizations, financial services firms, hospitals, and energy industry firms.

Be better prepared to address and answer copyright questions.  In a copyright management role, you will teach others about copyright law, provide consistent copyright information, plan and implement best copyright practices, familiarize yourself with the best resources, work towards the legal use of digital content, mitigate copyright risk, and develop a copyright policy or guidelines. 

Take the first step on the road to managing your copyright issues and find out how to become the copyright guru in your organization.

Further information on copyright management is available at Click University and CCM100 Introduction to Copyright Management: Principles & Issues, an online course updated and expanded for 2013, begins January 8.

Contact Click University for more information.

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