The future of conferences (podcast)

No doubt you recognize that the SLA Annual Conference has been changing.  In fact, new conference models are being adopted within the conference industry in order to change them from events focused around the number of bodies that attend to events focused on knowledge transfer (which is why conferences really do exist). 

A panel of conference professionals talk about the future of conferences in this podcast from Future Tense (ABC Radio Network).  Topics include current new conference models (e.g., bar camps, unconferences, world cafes and open space events) as well as models that might be adopted in the future, creating community, the use of technology and  how the current conference industry is like the music industry of years past.  (I'd never thought of correlating the changes in the conference industry to grunge music.)

Both the podcast (27 min.) and transcript are available.  No matter if you're organizing a conference of just attending, this podcast may help you consider different models that will make the conference experience more compelling.

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