The Loyalty Club Seeks Donations for Key Projects & Improvements

The SLA Loyalty Club was launched in early 2012 as a fundraising program to support projects that are difficult to fund otherwise, and a way to provide recognition of individuals who support SLA every year, through thick and thin.

The donations we received in 2012 helped us bring the Website redesign project to fruition.

However, our work is not finished. There are still upgrades needed which allow our current members to update their records and new members to join more easily so they can begin receiving benefits right away. This step requires important database work that is necessary, but which can be expedited with your help.

Further, we’re constantly seeking opportunities to add to the benefits that members receive at no extra charge. Through proactively partnering with leading institutions in our industry, and with the support of our donors, we’ll be holding in-person continuing education workshops in the fall of 2013 through 2014 that are not restricted to our Annual Conference and Leadership Summit. The venues will be equipped with the technology to simulcast the workshops to an international audience. Workshops will begin with teaching hard skills to information professionals that enhance the immediate impact they can make on behalf of their organizations, users, and clients, as well as help them find fruitful employment opportunities. This initiative is a new endeavor for SLA and we are confident that with your help, success will become a reality.

If you were one of the many donors who joined the Loyalty Club in 2012, we encourage you to renew your membership. If you’ve yet to join the Loyalty Club, your support of the initiatives we have planned would be received at the perfect time if you donate today.

Membership renewal and new donations are quick and easy. Visit and click the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom.

Thank you sincerely for your consideration and ongoing support of SLA.

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One response to “The Loyalty Club Seeks Donations for Key Projects & Improvements”

  1. Sabah Eltareb says:

    Absolutely yes to renewing this year, without any hesitation! – is it possible to include this as a separate line item on the SLA Membership Application – so that all who are applying or renewing can also easily donate to and become a member of the Loyalty Club?

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