‘I Took Away Some Great Tips on How to Share Information’

What did you learn, see, and do at the SLA 2016 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO? In this post, Lucy Ahmed of BSI Standards Ltd. shares her most important conference takeaways.


The SLA 2016 Annual Conference was my sixth such conference. I always find the SLA Annual Conference invaluable in terms of networking with other information professionals and for the forward-thinking nature of the sessions.

For example, attending the session on remote working was really useful and interactive. BSI is moving over to this style of working environment this summer, so I took away some great tips on how to share information and generate team culture.

Here are some of my other highlights from Philadelphia:

  1. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions this year. This meant that networking came about naturally, and sharing experiences in the context of a specific topic was really insightful.
  2. The Master Class sessions always equip me with practical ideas. I attended the “conscious leader” session with Shelley Reciniello, which was really useful and encouraged me to lead in a more inspiring way.
  3. The Crucial Conversations session has stayed with me. This was very well presented and was made memorable through story telling and giving examples.
  4. The Quick Take sessions are also good for bite-sized tips and “how to” guidance.
  5. It was great to speak to some vendors, as we are becoming much more agile at BSI. Getting up to speed with the latest products came at a good time for me and helped me evaluate a full range of options for BSI staff in terms of current awareness and business information.
  6. The International Reception and IT Dance Party were really fun. I met some great people in a more social environment, which is always good for keeping in contact on a more personal level.

The SLA Annual Conference is the highlight of my year. Being the only team in our organization who do what we do can sometimes feel isolating, so meeting others in the same situation is really rewarding. I hope to be there again next year!

—Lucy Ahmed, Knowledge Centre Manager, BSI Standards Ltd.

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