Two Longtime Members to Serve as Interim Executives

Cindy Shamel and Ulla de Stricker, who between them have been members of SLA for more than 40 years, will serve as interim executives of the association during 2015.


The two are information and knowledge management consultants who run their own businesses—Cindy in California and Ulla in Toronto—but have collaborated on projects in the past. Ulla (left) will serve as interim strategic director, and Cindy (below left) will serve as interim executive director.

The pair will act as “change agents” to help keep SLA moving forward until a permanent executive is hired. They will serve as interim directors for one year, although the SLA Board of Directors can extend their contract if it so desires.


For more information about their appointment and roles, see the press release.

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One response to “Two Longtime Members to Serve as Interim Executives”

  1. Brandy King says:

    Both members of this dynamic duo has shown tremendous leadership through the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and I’m excited to see how they move SLA forward.

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