Unplanned, but Not Unprepared

Time was, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and bankruptcies were concepts you studied in business school. Today, they’re actual things you live through—and a growing number of information professionals are experiencing them.

While most librarians neither wish for nor welcome such dramatic changes, some information professionals not only survive but thrive in these uncertain environments. At the SLA 2016 Annual Conference, three such info pros will present a Master Class on how to navigate the career upheavals that are becoming increasingly inevitable for special librarians.

“Mergers, acquisitions, and changes in strategy and senior management are often unplanned and unpredictable,” says Ethel Salonen, head of information services at the MITRE Corporation, who will speak about her experience moving from a corporate communications culture to an IT-focused culture. “Information professionals must know how to prepare for and then manage these changes.”

“Surviving Your Next Merger (or Reorg)” will be held Monday, June 13, at 4:00 p.m. at SLA 2016. To learn more about the session, click here. To register for SLA 2016 and see what it has to offer you, click here.

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