Webinar to Discuss Recommended Bylaws Changes


SLA members are encouraged to register for a free Webinar on September 1 that will explain the rationale for making certain changes to the association’s bylaws.

When the election for the SLA Board of Directors opens next month, SLA members will be considering several bylaws changes and one change to the Certificate of Incorporation on the same ballot. The purposes of these changes are as follows:

  1. To comply with the recent amendment to the New York not-for-profit laws, enacted in the Non-Profit Revitalization Act, most of which became effective on 1 July 2014, and include—
    • allowing certain communications by expanded methods, including electronic mail;
    • clarifying a new prohibition (effective 1 January 2016) on employees serving as president; and
    • conforming the committee provisions to the new requirements of law.


  2. To ensure compliance with other requirements of the existing Not-for-Profit Corporation Law (“NPCL”) and SLA’s governing documents. These changes include—
    • addressing the voting requirement for elections by written ballot;
    • addressing the timing of the election of the secretary;
    • removing a non-complying provision relating to board action by written ballot; and
    • clarifying the provision for amendment of the bylaws.

To register for the Webinar, click here. To learn more about the proposed changes, visit the Bylaws Resource Center.

DATE: Tuesday, September 1
TIME: 2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern time

Questions? Contact Linda Broussard at lbroussard@sla.org or +1.703.647.4938.

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