What 15 Minutes Can Save You

What do a gecko, a caveman, a pig, and the SLA 2015 Annual Conference have in common? All of them can save you something valuable.

For the past 15-plus years, Geico, an insurance company, has been using a gecko, a caveman, a pig, and other unusual characters in its radio and television advertisements. (The gecko made his first appearance in 1999 during a Screen Actors Guild strike that prevented the use of live actors.) The ads encourage consumers to compare insurance prices and conclude with the announcer saying “Geico—15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.”

Last year, SLA put a fresh spin on the Geico commercials by debuting “Quick Takes” sessions at the 2014 Annual Conference in Vancouver. These 15-minute sessions were presented during breaks between longer sessions and were conducted in hallways rather than rooms. The purpose of the sessions was to provide attendees with “quick takes” on topics ranging from altmetrics to big data to online mapping tools.

The sessions were so popular with attendees, they’re being offered again in Boston on Sunday, June 14, and Monday, June 15. The Sunday sessions include one that could, like the Geico gecko, save you something—in this case, your sanity.

Lynn Strand, principal at Outside Knowledge and the SLA Competitive Intelligence Division’s @KnowledgeMama, will team with Zena Applebaum, director of competitive intelligence at Bennett Jones LLP, to conduct a “Quick Takes” session titled “What to Do When They Say ‘Give Me Everything You Have on …’ and Not Freak Out Because They Want It in an Hour.”


“Have you ever received a phone call from a high-level executive that starts with ‘I need everything you have on … in an hour’ and ends with you panicking?” Lynn asks. “In this session, we’ll share quick tips with you on how to give that VP everything on, say, the banking industry in Oman in 60 minutes or less, without freaking out.”

To learn tips and tricks for tackling rush requests and packaging your rush research into a concise, high-level overview, register now for SLA 2015. Remember—Early Bird registration ends April 30!

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