What sort of advice would you give to professionals, both newly minted and more seasoned? Tony Landolt, Candiate for Director

Network, network and keep focus on learning!  Hello, my name is Tony Landolt and I am running for the position of Director.  Over the past 20+ years that I have been a member of SLA, I feel these connections has served me well, as I have stayed true to my profession with the help of career development and establishing relationships within the association.

Social media is here to stay and we must embrace it as part of our profession and take advantage of these tools. I believe it is important to learn these tools to enhance our careers. And, networking is so important for us. We cannot live invisibly. As information professionals we have so much to give to each other and to share our expertise and experiences. It is important to join different groups within, and outside, of SLA. How can we grow unless we share? Attend as many local events as possible. Say to yourself “I am going to go to two meetings this year.” Wonderful! Think of all the knowledge you will gain and share in those two meetings.

This year I hit the half century mark, and I’m sharing that it hit me hard. When I was younger I thought I would know everything at the age of 50 and that is soooo not true! The key is to never stop learning. As we get bogged down by jobs and life, its not a matter of going back to school but taking advantage of knowledge that can be easily obtained by sharing with our colleagues, joining a SLA unit and taking advantage of online webinars. These mostly inexpensive online classes can amaze you and expand your professional knowledge. One last thing that I would highly recommend to anyone is to study business, economics and marketing. The profession is changing rapidly and many organizations are looking at individuals who can budget, make business decisions,  forecast trends and market your library.  The days of the traditional reference and cataloging are changing and many professionals need to move forward as well.

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